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#123730 Posted at 2012-06-05 15:08        
Hey Variable, thanks a lot!

As of now, I would think that this mission will have some issues if you try to run it in coop-- TPWs house light script, for example, is using the SP version, so other players may not see it. My super simple mortar script may not work either. And while I'm fairly certain the weapon selection stuff will work bc I used global add commands, there may be other issues.

I think someone converted my last mission (Op. Croc Hunt) to be Coop-friendly, and since this is just the initial beta release, I can work on making a coop version in the next update. Thing is-- I've never made missions for MP/Coop, I dont know what needs to be different in order for them to work correctly. If there are any threads someone can point me to on what I need to make sure is in-place, I would be happy not only to work on getting Razor's Edge coop-capable, but release future maps SP and Coop versions.

Feedback, ratings, stories are all highly encouraged. I want to hear how people are tackling the mission, I played through 3 or 4 different ways, pursuing different objectives first each time.

Oh and also, if a mod sees this or someone who knows how to make edits to my page I want to correct a couple of things in the mission page's description:

1) The deep-cover CIA asset did not make it into the mission, so I want to remove that part after it talks about the BAF prisoner optional obj (which is in there).
2) I want to change CAS to artillery support, you do not have CAS, you have a single mortar fire mission when you discover the location of the camp.