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An arma 2 campaign...



The operation harvest red of chernarussia had started a new cold war between russia and america. It was the end of the world when both sides misunderstood the situation and all hell breaks loose. The world was never been the same since the fallout.

A small group of regular marines tried to survive the catasthrope of nuclear war in hostile territory of chernarus. The only way to survive is to cooperate with other survivors, even untrusted strangers. The struggle for survival couldn't be more harder since the world had ended.

  • Total 22 missions
  • Cinematic story-related cutscenes
  • 5 different unique endings. you choose!
  • Play as regular grunt who don't know anything in nuclear war front
  • Harsh environment of radioactive wastelands

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder. If you do not have this folder, then create it.

    Credits & thanks:
    BIS - for great game
    Armaholic and BISforums - for great source learning
    IndonesianGamer - for introducing me to ARMA 2
    zipper5 - for kbtell & etc scripts
    kylania - for script examples
    a wild goat - for fire script
    Kempco - for bombardment script
    Mikey - for briefing template
    =NAG= - for his Coop mission template
    Karel Moricky - for floating credits text
    Clayman - for inspirations
    valkyrie, EVEAJAH, F4T4L1TY - beta testers
    and for anyone I forget, sorry...

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    - BI forums

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    Russian science sources says that nucler winter is fake, yes it will become cooler but not like summer become winter . But american says that nucler winter its true. I am russian, so dont belive american sources))They always want us to disarm our nukes and became absolutely defensless vs big nato forces in possible full-scale future war. But lets look american article at wiki about nuclaer winter. Quote:
    "A global average surface cooling of –7°C to –8°C persists for years, and after a decade the cooling is still –4°C (Fig. 2). Considering that the global average cooling at the depth of the last ice age 18,000 yr ago was about –5°C, this would be a climate change unprecedented in speed and amplitude in the history of the human race. The temperature changes are largest over land ... Cooling of more than –20°C occurs over large areas of North America and of more than –30°C over much of Eurasia, including all agricultural regions."
    SO what we see. Nuclear winter dont begins instantly like in your cmp. You need at least couple of years fot summer turn into winter)

    But you can keep snow if you cant do black rain or it will be looks like shit coming above clouds. Snow is kinda cool and dont matter that isnt real. who cares. it looks cool. so )))

    great analysis idler.
    well then i should wait for other feedback about the snow. it adds immersion, but it's kinda unnecessary too. if i decided to keep the snow, maybe i start to make it drop in one week after the fallout.

    ps: thanks for the thread, BIG :)

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