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#126589 Posted at 2012-07-29 16:59        

Our sister site, is nearing the one year mark this coming August and to mark that we have decided to have a massive update on our whole site. The main reason being is with our old system we made the mistake by having the site and forums not combined, so making an account would only give you access to the forums which at the time felt right. We have now decided though to change the whole system all together and make it a site, forums and downloads all in one. This would include accounts, comments, stats and everything.

Amongst other things being changed is the whole download structure. At the moment we have a download section which is over our heads and to be honest with you we looked too far forward thinking we could fill the sections right from the start. So another change is this and making it more formal than complex.

Another feature we are adding is iOS modding. Themes, Scripts, Support, you name it, its there.

At the moment we are still working hard on the site and with me (DarkXess) heading off to the UK for two weeks it wont be going live until my return. Right now though I will leave you these teasers of our new site which is still WIP.

*Note the different backgrounds, the site will feature a monthly background competition between the members to have there own background each month or so on our site.

If you wish to know more, then please comment on this topic and ill try to answer what I can. We all look forward to seeing you once we go live and that you can come and join our community.

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