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#131567 Posted at 2012-10-20 13:04        
Theres the 'Ambient Combat' and the 'Ambient Combat (OA)' Module, which will spawn (and despawn lateron) random USMC & NaPA/Russian (A2) or US Army and Takistani Army/Insurgents (OA) Units around the Player. They do actually spawn Units and they will engage eachother, making up for a Ambient Combat feeling. The Problem is, that whenever i tried to play with Ambient Combat, sooner or later this module decided it would be cool to spawn an enemy HIND, and my adventure was over. Also, there WILL spawn AA Units and do their part with your chopper. I haven't looked much into this specific Module, and i'm not sure how much you can customize it to spawn only specific units or 'blacklist' units you do not want tosbe spawned.

So, i suggest you continue your search into this direction, all i can do at this time is point you to what you might need. (Or you simply dare to use an unedited ACM Module and pray that you won't be taken down by hinds, Shilkas, tunguskas and what else it might bring on the plan)

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