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#131682 Posted at 2012-10-22 19:56        
# bodiseifer : 1 i am using this server
2 i am hosting games from my pc . i run the dedi from my pc also. then startup arma 2 look for the game im hosting on the multiplayer screen and thats where i see my pings 2500. i dont have any problems with other games in my collection hosting or playing. i can join other games online no problems there i just cant host this one.

3 i have a belkin router and my port forward is set like this ........ incoming port 2302 udp private port 2302 and the other 2 are set the same way. i take it belkin routers private ports are outgoing ports ???

lol stick with me guys and thnx for all your help

Hmmm...well personally I've never tried hosting and playing on the same machine (by running 2 separate .exes) although I know it is certainly possible.

The ping is probably just a mis-read or something as the host is the same PC... probably don't need to worry about the outgoing ports as most home routers don't block outgoing. Do you have any firewall or other AV software running? If so completely disable all of it.

If your buddies can't join the dedi it's most likely port forwarding that is the problem.. have you tried just hosting the game on your PC (and playing too!!) and see if they can join then?

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