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Operation Clean Sweep


NATO Forces station at Stratis Air Force Base, they have recent intel about iran supply line through the region and area of operation. It times for us to destroy enemy supply line and reduce them down.

Mission Briefing:
NATO Forces have to go through two city and couple enemy base clean them out. Alway watch your fire when you going to city sometime Civilian may or may not be there time of firefight between us and Iran Forces.

Each AOs(Agia Marina,Camp Rogain,Kamino Firing range,Air station mike-26,girna and camp temptest) will have Ammo Cache must be destroy to reduce enemy supply line
Civilian has been spotted within Agia Marina and Girna they must be not killed during firefight

BLUFOR Forces:
7th Infanty
75th Rangers
Navy Seals
8th Air Squadron (MH-6j + Ah-6j)

US Firebase with mortar near Agia Marina

Mission Objectives:
Search and Secure (2x City and 4x base) and each AOs has their own Ammo cache where it need be destroyed by Explosive Charges. Total of Ammo Cache is 6
Dont Kill Civilians!!!!
Agia Marina
Camp Rogain
Kamino Firing Range
Air Station Mike-26
Camp Tempest

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

  • Trolls/griefer cannot blow up ammo crates
  • Addd 6 Snipers
  • Removed all weapons for good measures of troll/griefer
  • Updated VAS,BTC
  • Added intro trigger it will tell your mission and etcs(where you dont have to skip

  • v1.0A
  • Fixed Girna's trigger
  • Fixed Mission end

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Tonic’s VAS and ViewDistance
    =BTC= revive by Giallustio
    F3 Mission Development Framework by Fer

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    - KanadeTachibana's forum

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