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#145770 Posted at 2013-06-19 20:19        
Hi everyone. I want to start by saying just how amazing this forum is. Less than a month ago I went from conceptualizing a multilayer idea in my head, having no video game design experience at all (maybe a little PHP web development experience) to figuring out almost all of my objectives for my multiplayer map idea!

There were a couple things I wasn't able to include but I figured out corner cutting workarounds that don't impact gaming much and I've included 90% of what I initially conceptualized in the finished product. This is thanks to you geniuses and the wealth of info on these forums in which I was able to search and find a solution to almost every problem.

However, I was beta testing my 80% done WIP on the multiplayer servers and I have a peculiar problem that I think actually derails my entire map. I don't know much about server scripting a multiplayer game and it still seems beyond me at this point. I am relying on client side scripts and init fields to get the work done.

The problem is

: When two or more players are in a vehicle and pass into a trigger the script runs but it dosen't trigger only "Once" as directed in the editor when I made the map. I was playing alongside someone in a vehicle and in parts of the map the trigger script was executed twice. For instance--one trigger spawns two F-35's on the runway taxing to take-off, but, because of this problem there are two sets of two F-35's spawning at the same time. They spawn on top of each other and blow up : \
And, I have scripted waypoints for a spawned Apache yet, the spawn script was executed twice (the next time the two players didn't even pass through the trigger area at the same time) so two apaches spawned but only one executed the whole way point script while the second just hovered not following all the points (but followed the first few to take off and move to first WP.)

This really puts finishing this MP map on hold because I can't have this happening when I want to play online. The scripts seemed to work fine the first couple times I played with multiple people but recently this started happening. I've put many many hours, (fun hours), into making this map a reality.

I've searched the forums to death and don't know exactly the problem or what to look for to fix it. Any help?

Thanks for your time. And glad to be a part of the community. I'll post the finished map to the forum if I get it fixed.