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#150704 Posted at 2013-08-29 13:26        
What exactly is your problem? Why are you adressing another BI forum mod here?
If you have an issue with my moderation you can contact me over PM.

See the forum rules:

[2.9] No public discussion on how the forum is moderated
If you have questions/complaints/comments that you wish to make about the board or Moderators or anything like that please PM them to a Moderator, we will do our utmost to reply to any that we receive, please remember we have lives outside of the forum so can't promise to reply immediately.
This rule has one exception, in this topic you can comment on our moderation job if you want to discuss a certain action we took in other parts of our forum publically.

Let me explain you the rules.
- No typing in all caps, nobody here is blind.
- Post in English only, we want to be able to read what is posted else we just delete it.

Any further communist remarks I gladly see in my PM box.

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