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The Devil's Island
By KakePro

The Devil's Island is a map inspired by mods like Escape: Paradise and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Taking place in 2006, You have been left behind in the massive evacuation of Namalsk after complete American defeat. Both Russian and American soldiers have been stranded here, and they're desperate enough to shoot anything that moves. Your only hope is to reach a helicopter on the far side of the map, scavenging for supplies and weapons along the way. It's not that simple though, as zombies shamble about the wasteland that used to be Namalsk, and bloodsuckers could kill you at any moment. It will also be necessary to take cover from blowouts, or else you might become food for the mutants that hunger for flesh.

Mods Required:
-Operation Arrowhead
-ACE (All Addons)(Might be optional)=Found on PlaywithSix
-ACRE (optional)=Found on SixUpdater
-Post Apocalyptic Units by Icewindo=
-Namalsk by Sumrak=Found on PlaywithSix
-Namalsk Crisis=Found on PlaywithSix

Drag namalskwip.pbo into Program Files(if you have 64 bit, x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead/MPmissions

Features (Warning! Alpha, not many features):
-1-8 player co-op
-Dynamic mutants and blowouts thanks to Namalsk Crisis modules.
-Hidden ammo and supplies, don't just follow one path!
-Limited ammo, makes surviving difficult

Planned Features:
-More loot hidden around the map
-More objects to expand on the back story of the island
-Making versions that don't require ACE and 90s and 80s units

Known Bugs:
-Mutants will tell you that you are shooting friendlies when you kill them
-Mutants may sometimes not attack players
-Some units do not spawn in designated places, fall and break their legs.

-Uploaded to Armaholic
-Map is no longer dependent on the 90s and 80s units

Special Thanks To:
-The OutcastX; Playtesting, mission inspiration and idea
-Bob; Playtesting
-Gunsofglory; Playtesting
-Yoshi; Playtesting
-Lonesome; Playtesting, making us crack up after falling off the bridge
-[NH] Delta; Helpful editing tips and commands
-Icewindo; Post Apocalypse Units
-Sumrak; Namalsk and Namalsk Crisis
-The ACE Team; ACE and ACRE

Version 0.1:
Version 0.2:

As I said, this map is still in early development. Please leave constructive criticism and tell me what you'd like to see out of this mission!

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