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#153102 Posted at 2013-10-12 11:42        
Hi Arma fans,and in particular the Modding community,
I have enjoyed your work for so long!,
without you Arma, from Operation Flashpoint onwards,would not be the Juggernaut it is today,
I love playing Missions created by you guys,I love using the weapons,vehicles,clothing and all of the other fantastic mods you have added to this game,
with that in mind,its time for me to give something back!.

I am by no means famous,but its safe to say that if you've watched a movie or TV series or listened to a radio Ad or series since the era of Braveheart you may have seen or heard me somewhere!.
I am Irish born,but have a neutral accent and can do a fair approximation of every accent from the British Isles to the U.S. to the Czech Republic(Woo! Bohemia!) and Slovakia and Russia,Poland and the other Slavic countries I am also a singer/songwriter and have written and sung Anthems for Clans etc for everything from EQ to WoT to WoW to MWO.
So if you're making a mod and are looking for a decent voice actor,contact me here!,
I will be posting this on Steam and the Bohemia forums too,
thank you for reading,
P.S. here are some sample lines from a great little sabotage mission I'm doing with a chap named Surfer at the moment.

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