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UPDATE: v3.1.0

This update isn't something I was prepared to release nor do I have the exact full changelog for this version. Most of this work was done a month or two ago and I have forgotten what issues were in this build so be sure to report them.

Punishment for various crimes:
- If you are wanted and are killed by cop you will lose the following licenses: Rebel, Driver, Firearms, All Illegal licenses. This will create a money sink and add punishment for doing suicide by cop, however it may create problems for cops straight up killing you but it will encourage you just to surrender as it will be cheaper.
- Upon being arrested you will lose the following licenses: Rebel, Driver, Firearms.
- Running a player over you will lose all motor vehicle licenses (Driver, Boat, Truck).
- Killing a player while owning a firearms licenses will make you lose that license.

Bug #3: Vehicle respawn position at AIR HQ !
Bug #4: Head Gear Always change "Hats" !!
Bug #6: Unable to lock/unlock Mohawk from pilot seat
Bug #7: Toolkits all used up when repairing
Bug #9: Civilians can Enter/Exit vechiles in restraints
Bug #18: Unable to purchase Iron Processing license
Bug #22: Unable to Repair Vehicle - Mohawk
Bug #23: Unable to repair vehicle after being spike stripped
Bug #24: "Vehicle not persistent" at garage
Bug #26: Pyrgos cop vehicle shop not invincible
Bug #29: Garage still charges fee if spawn point is blocked
Bug #31: addAction for Rebel Training shows incorrect price
Bug #32: Using various outlets from vehicles
Bug #33: Cannot lock MOHAWK from inside !
Bug #38: Rebel Hummingbird - maybe a bug???
Feature #17: Repair action no longer refills fuel
Feature #35: Readd turtle poaching
Feature #44: Impound timer
Feature #46: Cops can 'question' Drug dealers
Feature #50: Keybind for restraining
Task #8: Finalise and format rules for inclusion in mission
Task #10: Key chain functionality becomes broken on disconnect.
Task #19: Distribute donator shop items into tiers
Task #34: Move all license vendors to dynamic display price changes in licenses.
Task #40: Ticket >= bounty removes wanted
Task #41: Coplevel 3+ can pardon
Task #43: Rewrite Wanted System
Task #45: Licenses scroll in player menu
Task #51: Check that arresting removes appropriate licenses
Changed: Prices for helicopters have went up.
Changed: Moved rebel outposts farther away from spawn points
Changed: Removed the drug dealer at NW part of map and moved NE dealer to the swamp
Added: Civilians can now knock out people by pressing Left Shift + G (You must have a weapon). This allows you to rob them of cash (for now).
Fixed: HMG Hunters had thermal vision.
Changed: For the time being the car shop gui has been made wider.
Changed: Prices for HMG Hunter & Armed Offroad both set to $750,000
Added: New wanted states
Fixed: Loss of input from being restrained.
Fixed: Excessive restrainment has been fixed and adjusted to check after 5 minutes of being restrained if a cop is near by.
Fixed: Gun stores showing 'truck license' as the text.
Fixed: Random hats (again)
Fixed: DP-12 NPC was in the ground.
Fixed: Fish market guy in Kavala was a midget.
Fixed: When paying a ticket you become unwanted
Fixed: When paying bail you were still wanted.
Fixed: Boat shop at Neochori & North part had no vehicles.
Fixed: Free banking insurance.
Fixed: When using Shift + R or Shift + G you would throw a grenade/chemlight or reload (Life action key related)
Changed: When tazed your heath goes back up, it is a side effect of stopping death by tazer.
Changed: When restrained you can't be killed.
Changed: When restrained you can't abort or respawn.
Changed: If arrested while wanted timer is 15 minutes and 10 minutes before you can pay bail, if not wanted then it is 10 minutes & 5 minutes before you can pay bail.
Added: Punishments for various crimes, more detail below.
Changed: Updated GUI Resources for new patch.

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Altis Life RPG v3.1.0

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