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#162753 Posted at 2014-04-16 05:03        
# Orco :
Hello penneyfour,

i tested your module yesterday and i had some issues.

(1) Airplane turning upside down / flipping on side

(2) Airplane not at the right height (during taxi)

(3) Airplane re-spawning pointing North

(4) Fuel trucks spawning right where you are standing

Thanks Orco.

Yes, I see the pictures... not the intended result at all. I am sorry for the trouble.
As for issue # 1, # 2, # 3, there are some fixes that you can do right away.

May I ask what your framerate is when using DAA? If the computer is heavily loaded and
frame rates are low, sometimes ArmA III does not spawn the aircraft as intended... I
noticed it as well during testing.

Issue # 1: I think this is caused by CPU load being too high. ArmA III just does not
execute all of the necessary commands cleanly. Of course I do not blame ArmA III,
I need to improve my script. However,

(1) One thing you can do is open the userconfig file and reduce the number of air
traffic allowed to spawn per location. This will lighten the computer load a little.
(2) Increase the time between spawns... this should also lighten the computer load.
(3) Also, one way to increase FPS is to reduce your view distance... this may help.

Issue # 2: The default C-17 model has some problem and does not spawn at the right
height above the ground. Try this fix:

(1) Select a different version of the C-17... like C-17 Elmendorf, or C-17 Nato.
then it should spawn at the correct height.

Issue # 3: Aircraft spawning the wrong direction:
I think this is related to issue # 1... CPU load to high.
Please note that in ver 0 and Ver 1, at the civilian airport, aircraft spawned at
137 degrees. In ver 2 (the current version), aircraft spawn at 315 degrees.
At the main airport north ramp, they should all spawn at 135 degrees.

Issue # 4: Truck just spawns out of nowhere and kills player:
Yes, I see that this is a problem. I will fix this in the next version.

Vielen Dank! Thanks again for your feedback. Very helpful. - penneyfour