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#162754 Posted at 2014-04-16 07:08        
Good morning Penneyfour,
thank you for your quick response. I must admit that i almost did all of your tricks/tips/hints already in the first place.

#1(cpu issue) this could possibly be, but i think it is not the only fault. i have a pretty good quad core pc and the usage capacity of the cpu is around 14% only. but one must consider that thats a thing with arma in general, it doesn't use cpu to its optimal, i heard. i have very different FPS depending on where i am looking at.
running your script/module i have ,at the main terminal with not much far sight, about 80 to 100 FPS, and when i am around looking far over the landscape/flying i have 20 to 35 FPS. I have almost everything on ultra and a view distance of around 6500m, though. but this is all the same with or without your script. (i also tested with all settings on low but just the FPS improved not the direction of spawning)

#2 before starting your script in the first place, i already lowered the respawn time to about 90sec instead of 45 (or so)
and (i put every spawn point on manual)also i already thought about testing every single spawn point by its own with just one plane at a time.(to test if the taxi routing of one specific point is a bit off) i am not yet through with all spawn points!
so as you see, an airplane overload is already excluded while trying with only 3 at a time (southern, main and northern ramp each)
sadly we have some random routing finding issues, as you can see here: the ai wants to turn to early in its desired direction
or here

#3 another issue is the following: at least on the southern part of the airport
at some point close to the runway main junction the planes start pulling their gear up and kind of "hovering" the last meters on the taxiway to the runway.
this results always directly at the last junction (where in the earlier version they exploded)to sky-catapulting them right up in the air. about 60-100meter or so. sometimes the ai then even manages to keep the plane in the air and flies away (light planes like the texan t-6a succseed in that)but most times they just crash.

or if catapulted not so high, do this^^

(the other texan, which is just landing, was one of the luckier who managed to survive the "catapult")

i hope i could help you a little bit.
have a nice day.