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#163062 Posted at 2014-04-21 19:24        
Such a welcome (and needed) mod for ARMA!! Thank you, penneyfour for all of your hard work! This kind of immersion is something I've been hoping for, and you have delivered! :)

One question I have for you:
Do you have any plans (or plan for the future) a feature which would include some sort of ATC function for
player pilots?

IE: On the ground (in an aircraft), asking for permission to pushback/taxi/take-off
and/or... From in the air, asking for permission to approach/land

I know it would require a TON more coding; but it would add so much more realism to a player pilot.
I'm unsure of your familiarity of real-life air traffic control, so I can go into much more detail if you like.
I know the current function of the mod handles the AI quite well against player pilots, so my suggestion is free
for debate.

Again, thank you so much for your dedication in making this already amazing sim, something even more "real"!