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Well ... to be more precise ... the version used is, in fact, the "Highlander" one.

I´ve tried the Kryptek "Nomad", which should be the all desert pattern but it look too reddish on the game. Then, when I have decreased the red on the texture it became pretty much like the "Highlander", so I decided to use the latest.

So, there is a problem when choosing the right textures, for not always they will look good in game.

Another example is the sponge painted M24A2, The initial idea was to use one of the available digital patterns but when the texture was applied to the model it got distorted in some parts and the final result was not good enough to me.

But, the key is to keep looking for good texture options and I would love to hear more suggestions from you.

I´ve looked for another good desert camo and came up with the desert A-Tacs, it went just fine on the models.

What do you say?

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