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#163577 Posted at 2014-04-30 23:01        
The moment has come. After more than one year of development (without anything that comes from previous projects) finally we can bring you the first version of FFAA MOD for Arma 3, the


This version is the result of a big effor to solve all the first bugs reported by the player of Spanish Simulation Championship. Without their help, this first release would not have been


Also, we show you our new website, (At the moment only available in Spanish), where you will find the download for the mod as .zip file.

This first version features the RG-31, the Chinook CH-47, the troops for BRILAT, MOE & FAMET and the weapons pack known by all.

Here you have a short video:

So, it's the moment to enjoy the mod. Share your opinions with us!

Remember that the mod will be updated frequently, with new content and bug fixes!

Visita for downloading.

Added 43 seconds later:

Due to compatibility issues, FFAA Launcher is removed from the project. Now the MOD will be downloaded as usual, as a zip file from our website.

@Armaholic admins, you may want to mirror our zip download? :)

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