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A Custom Singleplayer Arma 3 Campaign
By Panicsferd
Part 1 - Conquer

Summary: Unknown forces have invaded chernarus, they have conquered all in their path. Unknown forces now have total control over chernarus, the result was US forces on chernarus were forced to leave chernarus. After regrouping at the NATO HQ on stratis the NATO forces then come up with a plan to take the fight to the unknown forces homeland to collapse their regime and end the war.

Part 1 - Conquer: 100% Done
Download Link - Latest Version(1.13)

Summary: Follow the story of Sgt. Andrew Jackson, a US marine stationed on Chernarus during the invasion of Chernarus.

Part 2 - Control: 100% Done
Download Link - Latest Version(1.1)

Summary: Continues from Part 1 - Conquer. Follow the stories of Lt. Daniel Williams stationed on Stratis, and Sgt. David Anderson stationed on Takistan.

Part 3 - Collapse: 80% Done

Summary: Continues from Part 2 - Control. Follow the story of Lt. Williams on a NATO mission to collapse the CSAT regime.

Mission List (this is the list of the current mission, please note these are subject to change):

Mission 1: Prelude - 100% Done
Summary: After leaving Takistan behind, Lt. Williams have finally made it back to Chernarus to report in to NATO Higher Command.

Mission 2: Left Behind - 100% Done
Summary: It is now morning on Takistan, Sgt. Anderson and others have fled to some ruins after their base was destroyed.

Mission 3: A Zargabad Welcome - 100% Done
Summary: Lt. Williams has left his friends and allies in Takistan. He is now in Zargabad, heading to a NATO outpost that is stationed there.

Mission 4: Meeting Canceled - 100% Done
Summary: Lt. Williams was tasked to meet with some resistance leader to discuss their new alliance. When they finally did meet, it did not take long for all hell to break lose.

Mission 5: Change of Plans - 100% Done
Summary: There has been a change of plans, it looks like Lt. Williams will have to forget his mission from NATO and join the resistance to fight the CSAT.

Mission 6: Convoy Run - 100% Done
Summary: The local resistance decided to ambush a csat convoy, this convoy is heading to a csat training base to bring uniforms to the new csat recruits.

Mission 7: Recruitment - 100% Done
Summary: Utilizing the uniforms that they previously stolen, Williams is now going to enter the training facility disquised as a csat soldier to be recruited.

Mission 8: Afternoon Patrol - 100% Done
Summary: As a recruit, Lt. Williams is on a routine afternoon patrol to a little town to scout for enemy contacts if there is any.

Mission 9: One Shot - 100% Done
Summary: In order to change history a CSAT high ranking General has to be eliminated, and we've got this one chance and one shot to do so.

Mission 10: Familiar Faces - 100% Done
Summary: You were dropped off at the outskirts of the main town by General Shah, as he took off you were contacted by some unknown person.

Mission 11: Resupply - 100% Done
Summary: After Williams met with some familiar faces he was quickly tasked to assault a military base in order to supply his new allies for the next mission to come.

Mission 12: The Finale - 100% Done
Summary: It all leads to this, a grand finale. Williams and Anderson are on their way to the Palace to assassinate General Shah and then end the CSAT regime.

Arma 3 Map Pack - A3MP
N-B U.S.M.C Project
South Zagorian Army Mod
Arma 2 US Helicopters Import
Arma 2 US HMMWV US Import
RDS Tamk Pack
RDS Static Weapons Pack
Boeing C-17
Midle East Conflic Mod

Optional Addons:
(These are mods that add tweaks to the ai to make them more realistic. These are optional, but if you want the best experience then you should download these.)
bcombat infantry AI mod

This is a work in progress singleplayer campaign, this forum page will be about part 2 and part 3. Everything that you may read in this post is subject to change since this is work in progress. Part one is complete and done and you may download it here.

Special Thanks:
I would like to come out here and give a special thanks to Foxhound, Aplion, Kaelies, Alduric, AtinAkiri & AWJacob, and randomslap & mukcep for their mods that I have used for my campaign. If it wasn't for them and their impressive mods this campaign may have not been made, so thank you.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Campaigns folder.

Conquer v1.13
-it is 100% complete, all that remains is fixing bugs if there is any.

Control v1.1
-it is 100% complete, all that remains is fixing bugs if there is any.

Collapse v1.0
-it is 100% complete, all that remains is fixing bugs if there is any.

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