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Since a small independent studio which is dear to us, launched the fashion of Roadmap, we could not have missed this, and that is how we present our Roadmap !

Let's start by an announcement that will draw the small tear to the former, because it is with great pleasure that we announce the renewal of OFrP, its communication policy and its adventure !

Yes, "it was time" we hear you say, but know that it is not always easy to manage Metro rat race and a team of old temperamental branches on a project as daunting !
OFrP the former is no more; Vive the new OFrP !
Some of you may recall the splendor OFrP on Operation Flashpoint, then its slow death on ArmA 1 and ArmA 2 to only come to a few solitary souls, two to be precise on the end of ArmA 2.

Yes, but not as the youngsters say, a French is tough and does not give up so easily !
We have launched a policy via a new dynamic, welcoming new members, but discrete known to boost ArmA 3. Among these members, there are legends like Ikar or GMC from the Clan ADO, fino of the burst as our graphic artist Skaarian and his brother Shiva, technicians as inveterate Icem4n or Darklabor but few zozos as TigerForce. Some recruits are still in training...

Well, you will tell me to move on to the matter ! Ok, but this can not be done without presenting you our new symbol, which is both an innovation comparing to the tricolor flag and FAMAS, from OFrP the former, but also a nod to Hexagon with its small symbols, or to OFrP during the time of OFP with the soldier. We owe this to our artwork artistic genius that is Skaarian.

Credits soldiers and weapons from ©Lodu for OFrP on ArmA 2.

Okay so this roadmap...

First, you will gradually see a change in our visual to better project ourselves in the modern world of ArmA 3. Logos / signatures / Visual and website will change for pleasure of eyes.

In terms of communication, we will try to break with this side of Grande Muette for a new style on community sites like CFr-ArmA, BI Forum, Armaholic, Steam and of course our site OFrP.

So where to find us ?
The main public life OFrP will be located on the site of the CFr-ArmA where you can follow our WIP and our news, but also on Steam.
The OFrP website will only serve us for the work in private, and the cover page for the news.
We will try by all our means of Frenchies to provide translations of news and WIP in English.

It's only speech, do you think, well that's just the beginning...

Our team absolutely need fresh meat to only to be able to create faster but also to develop ourselves, which is why, if you have any hidden talents of developer, you're motivated, passionate, you enjoy volunteering as a team and are a little chauvinistic, do not hesitate to contact us to join us. Despite appearances, we do not bite.
We are particularly looking for people in the field of graphic design, 3D (Blender, 3Dsmax...), the config/scripting (C), or even the sound universe.
If you have some advantages over the possession of information on the vehicles of our beloved army (diagrams, drawings, pictures, technical info, sounds) that you can share legally, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address :

Believe us, there is no sub-addonmaker or even gods of modding, even if you do not excel or have little time do not hesitate, if you are motivated, you will progress with us.

Let us talk about the mod.
Following the feedback and comments we received, we decided that the mod OFrP will be published in the form of mini-packs per vehicle or vehicle family, and limiting not only the size but also the dependencies. Clearly, if you want to play with part of the mod, it will not be necessary to download 2 GB.

We will proceed of course, before any public release, with beta testing, and again experience has allowed us to correct some errors. we will provide to pre-selected testers, addons, addon by addon for testing.

I think it's time to talk about the content, but no date, course.
The addons that you will discover timely will be released through mini-packs based on our progress, it is possible that by the end of the year some vehicles bloom on your battlefields.
You will discover the addons as mini-games and puzzles, so stay tuned !

You may have heard that OFrP wouldn't be free for ArmA 3 via the Steam Workshop, what's about ?
Do not worry even if we could scare you, this was only intended to help you understand the critical condition of addonmakers, following an upsurge in data theft in the community. So just remember one thing, respect the addonmaker's work as you want your work being respected. If you want a model, ask and do not thieve it. We are very accommodating from the moment you respect our work.
OFrP will be free for all, because it is the philosophy at the origin of OFrP in OFP, and that we share it.

No, it is not finished because we keep the best for the end, but this time for ArmA 2.

Someone know, we will make a final update of OFrP for ArmA 2. No new units on the horizon but a significant configuration optimization and correction of persistent bogs.
The old timers know, OFrP was released on OFrP in a DVD, and although we repeat this feat on ArmA 2 (you do not have to believe us) and present as an international sneak preview its cover.

We will thus conclude with the salutation become cult :

Wait & See !

We thank the CFr for its support, as well as any site that will relay this message.

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