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#165582 Posted at 2014-06-08 14:26        
I set up a marked are (color orange) that turns red when nobody of Blufor players or units are present or its overrun by enemy so when it turns red it triggers Mission Failed.

The problem that I'm having its that it effects only me. So If I die or leave the area the marker changes color and triggers Mission Failed. I want it to change color only if no players or blufor AI units are in that area (dead or all left the area).

Also when I enter a turret, vehicle it counts me as I left the area and it fires the trigger Mission Failed but I'm still in the area just in the vehicle or turret.

I have 30 AI playable units with player and I want that if all of them and me each one left the area nobody of us is inside I want the trigger to fire and not that it effects only me the player.

This is Multiplayer Co-Op mission with 30 playable units that are set as AI if no player has selected that unit.

Can anbody help me here ?? *SCRATCH*