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#168895 Posted at 2014-08-12 04:45        
# Frankovich213 : Hi Penneyfour, Your mod is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for making it.
I was wondering if there is any way for us to place a tow truck in a specific location via the editor? If not, would you consider adding one to each airfield? Or perhaps a setting in the config so that we can choose which airfields have them?
I have a hangar full of Cessna 185's at Molos Airfield, but they are unable to move forward for some reason. If I spawn one outside the hangar it can move, so I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm sure a tow truck would fix it ;-)

Frankovich213, sorry, at this time there is currently no way to place these tow trucks in a specific location via the editor. However, like you suggested, in the next version, I will work on spawning a tow truck and fuel truck at each airport. Yeah, the Cessna 185 (and some other prop aircraft) have a bit of trouble taxiing... don't know why.
Take care, penneyfour

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# Sundance : How do I run this mod on my multiplayer or dedicated server?
None of the aircraft/airport signage loads up.

Hi, the quick answer is that this mod does not currently support multi-player. I am trying to get there, but it is a steep learning curve. Help is welcome at this point. My advice is to check back in a month or so, that functionality may be available then. Take care, penneyfour

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