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Hopefully you can get the colored lighting to emit light in the night time settings. Having the lightbar flash is only part of it. Looking great so far. Might be the same process as having light emit from headlamps. just time the lighting flash and color number. Also, when lightbar is active, have the parking or headlamps alternate flash if possible
Whelen Liberty Light Bar

More Whelen sample video

Flash pattern for federal cars not pd but good example showing how much light emits from lightbar projecting outward. Having lightbar go on and off shows the colored light is turning on and off and not emitting light along with it.
Flash patterns
Solex Lightbar from code 3 more for european standards.
another example

These lights look great but should have that lens flare, high intensity lighting effects.
Is there a way for you to turn up the brightness or glow of the lamp when it is in the on position flashing? So when every time it flashes on, (the light will emit so bright or using glow effects) it will almost blur itself with a blinding light as seen in sample videos above. Hope these suggestions help. I've done some work in other mesh projects on other build games, but the coding can be different and harder for Arma. Wish you best of luck. Keep going! WE all want to see more.

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