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#172374 Posted at 2014-11-01 16:57        
As much as I love your scopes, I think without individual range tables or some kind of overall orientation you overcomplicate things a little :) Lots of trial and error and aiming by shooting now. I know, sniping is a skill to be achieved but some people just want to take a rifle once in a while and have fun with it. But I get thats not the scope of this mod.

I was using normal ACE ammo, the one that comes with the rifle once selected from an ace ammo crate.
But as I said, it works fine with your ballistics mod.

Thanks for your work, keep it up! You definitly made ArmA a little prettier by getting rid of the old scopes.

EDIT: Another thing I noticed and fixed for me: In the magazine list of all 5.56 Rifles and Carbines, you set the BetaC mag "100Rnd_556x45_BetaCMag" as first one after your own mag types. This means, the gun will take BetaCs as priority from any box or cargo. If you take an M4 from an ACE crate now, the game will fill your inventory with BetaCs automatically because it thinks these are the standard mags for the gun. Lowering the entry a few lines below the 30rnd Mags will resolve this.

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