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#172564 Posted at 2014-11-05 18:11        
# Marwan Mansour : Hi,
Can you post the logo your using ?
i know arabic ,i tried zooming in but the text isn't clear

Thanks for helping! This is the logo I'm using. Don't know what it says but they all use this.

Is there any other slang I could use to "decorate" vehicles and outfits?

# -=XTRA=-Larsiano : Great idea. My favorite terrorists where until now the FFAA Arab terrorists. But this could change that. What you could also do is give some of them 'western & modern' weapons that they seem to have quite a lot of. Would it not be an idea to put these guys under the guerilla / independent faction? If you need help with the config & mod files i could lend a hand.

I think the IS faction needs to be the OPFOR because US and other arabic factions fight together against IS. I found a useful webpage that shows all armored vehicles in use. Mostly a copy of Takistan, but they captured some US spec vehicles like the M113 (desert skin) M1A1 (desert skin) and HMMWV's. I would like to add black HMMWV's and MI-8 for the more "elite" group. And thank you for your help! I'm still working on my skins only but if someone would make the IS group mod with vanilla skins it would go a lot faster.

The new warlord outfit:

Added 2 hours 8 minutes later:

New sniper/team leader and M113

Can't be a proper IS fighter without your fresh white kicks!

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