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#175470 Posted at 2015-01-16 18:48        
New version build 20150116
LINK to download page

Add: Units for divers, mortar, HMG, GMG teams
Add: Uniform, helmets, backpacks, hats, bandannas
Add: Classname-Lists (weapons, magazines, units, vehicles, groups) in folder “For Developers”
Add: Many groups in categories Armored, Infantry, UInfantry, Mechanized, Motorized, SpecOps, Support
Improved: The structure of groups is compatible with standard АРМА 3
Improved: Compatible with ALiVE Unit Mod Config Standardisation
Improved: Compatible with ZEUS (Free DLC)
Improved: Upgraded equipment Recon
Improved: Greatly improved derivative “East vs West”->to-> “Novorossiya and Ukraine” (file srcw_i_evw.pbo) created groups containing EVW-vehicles, retexture and labelling cloned vehicles
Improved: Derivative “RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation”->to-> “Novorossiya and Ukraine” (file srcw_i_rhsafrf.pbo) created groups containing RHS-vehicles, labelling majority cloned vehicles
Fixed: Many minor fix

All files upgraded, delete all old (out-of-date) files in folder “@SRCW_mod\AddOns”, delete all old (out-of-date) files from folder “@SRCW_mod\Optional”.