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#176588 Posted at 2015-02-14 13:23        
Hi there!

I'm using the following addons / packs with the Conquer-Control-Collapse series & all the three just seem to freeze & the game stops responding. Pls advise.

Also, I would love play the above with JSRS3 DragonFyre, or even JSRS2.2, as the sounds seem a lot more realistic, esp with DragonFyre. Kindly help.


I'm using ARMA3 v1.36

*A3MP = ArmA 3 Map Pack
*ASDG_JR = ASDG Joint Rails
*bcombat = bCombat infantry AI Mod
*C17 = Boeing C-17
*CAF = CAF Aggressors
*CAF_Fix = CAF Aggressors Fix
*CBA = Community Base addons A3
*Mi24 = Mil Mi-24 Hind
*CUP = Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
*EVW = East vs. West
*HMMWV = HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import
*JSRS = South Zagorian Army Mod - Sound Variants hotfix
*Kae_SZ = South Zagorian Army Mod
*MEC = Middle East Conflict mod
*NBUSMC = N-B U.S.M.C Project
*MagRepack = Mag Repack - Weapons
*RDS = RDS Static Weapons Pack
*RDS_TankPack = RDS Tank Pack
*RH_M4 = RH M4M16 pack
*RH_M4_Fix = RH M4 M16 pack Config Hotfix
*RQ-11 = RQ-11B Raven