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#177417 Posted at 2015-03-06 22:10        
I came across some strange behaviour of AI controlled helicopters following a simple "move" waypoint.
In the beginning of my script I have defined 2 waypoints for the chopper to follow, both are simple "move" waypoints.
So when i run my script the heli spawns perfectly in flight (as wanted) and flys towards his first waypoint, but when reaching it he lands and then goes to his next waypoint.
I want/need something that makes the chopper fly over the waypoints ... not something that makes them land at waypoint 1.

How to reproduce?:
Everybody should be able to reproduce this by downloading this ( im not trying to advertise for my script...) and running the example mission. You should see that the heli lands at the first waypoint without any reason...

PS: Would be nice if somebody could help me :-(

Kind regards