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#188405 Posted at 2016-03-17 11:15        
# case250 : I press and hold the 'H" key I don't get any graphic showing the grenade trajectory. I have the latest version as of today of both CBA A3 as well as C2. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong.
I can't guarantee that's what it is, but there's some missions out there that seem to have some sort of impact on the 'drawIcon' command that is used to create the visible trajectory. In WLA for example, when you hit Shift+U to toggle the mission's user interface, you will only see C2's UI if WLA's UI is switched off. If you also see no numbers or stance indicator in HUD-mode, you can be pretty sure that something along these lines is happening. Sorry btw I couldn't phrase this less geeky :)

# AkiraR : EDIT 3: The mod is working, but I still can't see the key binds in the CBA menu
Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help figure this out.

Thanks for the report and patience. I'm not an expert, but my guess is that either a) your key bind directory did really get corrupted or b) it has something to do with the A3-launcher. Can you try the following:

1. Launch C2 via the launcher's 'PARAMETER' page instead the locally created 'MODS' entry.
2. If that does not make a difference, create a new A3 user profile, just to check C2. You can delete it later.
3. If both fail, try uninstalling C2 and subscribing via STEAM. @AH if you are reading this forgive me, I'm just trine help a buddy out :D