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#189390 Posted at 2016-04-27 16:46        
In Arma 3's new Eden editor i'm making a mission, in which at a certain point i want a hostile vehicle to move up and reinforce another hostile position, i want it to stay in place until bluefor are within 100m of target. so i have a trigger with 100m radius on the Obj Area and have set the activation to Blufor Present and have set the enemy vehicle a way-point on the road as Unload and then synced that to the trigger. i assumed that should work without issue, being reletavly simple and all. unfortuately every time i start the scenario the vehicle starts to instantly move to the waypoint and unload its units. this is the same with other similar triggers/waypoints, causing things like the waypoint not showing (after the blufor team have secured an area and held it, i want them to move onto the next waypoint but it just gets stuck on the hold waypoint)

Where am i going wrong here?

Thanks in advance.