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#190240 Posted at 2016-06-14 02:55        
That's all 3 of the Sentinel Outbreak scenarios fixed so that they run on Eden and Apex versions of Arma 3, most of the issues people were getting were caused by the fact that the original missions used the old waypointed 2D mission editor Game Logics. I've redone them all using the 3D editor and replaced the logics with triggers and scripting instead, so they work like a charm now and show up in the Scenario lists again. (All the first posts have now been edited with download links and updated requirements).

Regarding Maowka's issues, that sounds suspiciously like there's another mod that's causing a conflict with the scripting used in the mission. There have been reports that the MCC and NSS Admin Console mods used to see units on the map and teleport in single player will break the infected spawning and random loot scripts. So be advised that Mods which aren't listed in the requirements section are not supported and you use them at your own risk.

Robertson out.