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#192276 Posted at 2016-10-22 23:13        
thanks a lot IceBreakr!

My mod is full open to someone wants to modify it.
MP is very hard for me to convert script.

Maybe a team can do that. And I'm alone. This mod represents a work, end to end, was done in three years.

I always hope that a small team wants to redo better, my work, but no one interrested enormously to this mod, and I do not feel myself to devote still enormously time to manage the mod in multiplayer.

Thanks a lot for all.


can be a day game publishers understand that there is an alternative to military flight simulators, with the same kind, always buckle.

I hope that the title Take On Helicopter would be a more comprehensive way than that, but the proposed tasks were an incredible boring.

But BIS had already made a start.
What makes the originality and strength of this editor.

flying is, as Ikar, my one and only dream.