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#194972 Posted at 2016-10-29 22:16        
Hey guys,

Quick update to - it's mainly a fix but I included some small things:


  • ADDED: Medical ShortCut: Closest Medic heal player (Shift+LMB on medic icon in radial. Tooltip includes instructions too)
  • ADDED: 360 formation added to planning mode tablet. Radius is displayed with marker and can be dragged to adjust size
  • ADDED: Planes can now also land at nearest airport to landing waypoint
    • landingtype is irrelevant
    • plane will land and be teleported to near hangar until used again
    • feature is heavily WIP
  • FIXED: Gunners would face position of vehicle entry after being boardedwith radial menu
  • FIXED: Lower flyinHeights adjusted when AI is flying plane (lowest: 25m, default 150m)
  • FIXED: HUD-indicators could be brought up, but not deleted if unit was dead, but not yet revealed to player
  • FIXED: Radial-TeamColor Script-Error fixed (loop was not exited)
  • FIXED: re-Arrangement of group while refreshing is now disabled in MP to prevent the player losing his assets in certain MP-missions (BECTI etc)
  • FIXED: C2-ZEUS could take over control of groups that contained actual players
  • TWEAKED: MarkerTypes changed to big dots for unified appearance when using other mods (ie advanced AI command)

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