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#195949 Posted at 2017-01-21 17:52        
I want to hear the answer of the developer, I just became interesting to ...

As far as I know, on the Internet has 3 A-545 models:
1. Survarium
2. 3d model in the marketplace for $ 10(?)
3. My old model (yes, it is terrible)
Looking at the screenshots, I understand that this is definitely not my model. But visually it is very similar to the model of the Survarium. And if so ... then it is a violation of copyright, because I am sure that Vostok Games did not give you permission to use their model.
ASH-12... I do not need to say nothing, this model is absolutely precisely from Survarium. This is evident.
AK-12. I suspect that this is also model from of the same game - from survarium. Just in all cases redrawn texture.
PKP-SP(Pecheneg-SP) - I'm sorry, but this is my idea, partly my model (another model was taken from the MOHW, and thereby has violated the license in consequence of that was a blocking on the forum pages) and I did not give permission for the use of this model to anyone.
Kobra EKP-8-18 - this model, I'm sure, was taken from the game Contract Wars. Or from Survarium, but he is not sure.
PO 4x24 - this model from the game Insurgency. For now such a sight exists only in this game.

As for uniforms - unfortunately, in it I do not understand

I didn't download mod by myself, because I need to save some internet traffic =(. I would like to hear the opinion of the administration and developers.
P.S. Admin, you see, I'm not the only one who violates the license agreement =)
I used Google translator

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