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#195994 Posted at 2017-01-24 18:11        
So let me get this straight:

You haven't even bothered to actually download the mod at least have the courtesy of looking inside the .pbo yourself and you're already accusing of stealing things. Wow. Just wow.

I also find your smug behaviour kinda silly and hypocritical, given the fact that you're known for ripping content from other games.

But alright, let's debunk this one by one.

1) A-545 and AK12 - Models have been bought on Turbosquid. Here is where they have been bought from. I can provide proof of purchase as well.

2) ASh-12 and Kobra - Models were downloaded from a public model repository ( but I am not sure if it was exactly this one)
However, I do admit that this is a bit of an grey area. And since me and Mindas have not even touched Survarium, we have little to no idea of telling so in case whoever uploaded it there actually did rip it from some game - we will get rid of it and replace it.

3)PKP-SP(Pecheneg-SP) - You probably need better glasses if you actually think this is yours. Like, wow. The core model is from BIS itself and majority of it is reworked by Mindas himself. But then again you did not even bothered to download the mod. *SCRATCH*

Here, a picture from O2:

4) PO 4x24 - Not it's not.

In case that is not enough for last two things, we will gladly provide PSD textures or the model mapping itself etc.

How did you come to all these conclusions just from a few screenshots, I have little to no idea. Much less when you even admit for not downloading and seeing it for yourself. But the fact that you are so eager to lump us with you in your "License agreement violators" bag makes me think you might have some other motives here. *DONT_KNOW*

Besides, Mindas has been around in this community for like 15 years (and I am for around 12 years myself) since Operation Flashpoint and did stuff for big mods like ČSLA and so on. I am pretty sure he can do better than ripping content from other games (like someone else who is present in this very topic *cough* *cough*)

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