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(Apologies if a mod covering this exists and I just haven't been able to find it, if that's the case can Admin PM me the mod name when they delete this)

I'm looking for a mod to cover the short-wheelbase naval S-60 variants, the SH-60B, the SH-60F, the HH-60H and the MH-60R in particular. I've seen mods for them for ARMA 2, but as far as I know they have not been ported over to ARMA3.

With the new Aircraft carrier from the Jets DLC, I think it would be nice to have them (or mabe a UH-80 derivative) available for carrier operations.

HH-60R on SAR duties preparing to drop off a rescue diver. Note the tail wheel's position, it's much further forward than on a UH-60A.

MH-60R Seahawk on final approach to the USS John C. Stennis. As well as traditional ASW duties, the MH-60 can act as a light strike platform using Hellfire missiles, or as a utility/transport.

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