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#197628 Posted at 2017-07-20 09:51        
# Rhodesian_Warcat : Our campaign isn't historical. The Russian equipment is to be purchased from the East or captured from neighboring states while the M1s,M113s, and UH-1s were to be bought from modern Egypt and Iraq. Some of our community are working a alternate timeline novel and were working on this campaign as a side project. A lot of what we are trying to reskin is just from lack of options too. Any help is appreciated.

Hie guys, I've been going through a whole lot of forums only to no avail to actually get my hands on an actual Bush war mod, specifically the Rhodesian mod, I am willing to help out in any way to make it possible from Arma 2 to 3. I actually live in Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) and would really love to see the mod come to life, I know its been long since you've posted but I'd appreciate your feedback!