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With the new F-35s being rolled out it would be awesome to have some proper models made.
As there are a some 5th Gen fighters in the vanilla game now, it would be awesome to have a fully fledged addon for the new F-35s which adds all of the great features of the real deal.

All F-35 Lightning II versions (A/B/C) but mainly the C version for its carrier support
The helmet and its advanced features
Full armament including the newly developed (Joint Strike Missile (Kongsberg group))

Source material and facts:
(See source list at the bottom)

Facts and information:
Engine: 1x Pratt and Whitney F135
Thrust: 40 000 pounds
Top speed: 1913 km/h (Mach 1.6) (With armament)
Range: 2200 km
Length: 15.5 meters
Wing Span: 10.6 meters
Fuel Capacity: 8.4 tons

Key features of the F-35 Lightning II
Stealth: Internal weapon bays, low signature form and paint

AN/AAQ-37 (Wikipedia)
Provides a 360 degree detection and tracking of aircrafts and missiles. In addition, it allows the pilot to see through the aircraft via the helmet mounted display

Long range aircraft radar system, allows for detection of enemy A/C long before being detected.

Pictures of the aircraft:

Gonna stop it here, but if more information is needed I'd gladly help in the research (This also goes for Joint Strike Missile)

Sources: Lockheed Martin website)

I know there have been a couple of older F-35 posts, but I wanted to see if it could get some traction now, and that someone would be able to provide a detailed model of this beautiful aircraft :)

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