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#199558 Posted at 2018-08-08 16:32        
This is a rolling report of the IDAP Shooting Range mod. It was is inspired by the original firing drill missions in Arma 3. Your aim is to compete in shooting ranges around Stratis for money, which can then be used to purchase better firearms from the trader. Unlike the A3 missions, the focus is more on hitting all the targets and having fun rather than just trying to beat a timer.

You can download the mod from the downloads section. Any feedback/new ideas to be implemented can be left on this thread. Happy shooting :)

Future updates in order of priority:
Add more guns to the trader, currently only pistols and a couple of SMG's are included.
Add more shooting ranges. Currently there is only one. Please be patient, they take a lot of time to test and build creatively :).
Add function to change time of day.
Add more rewards, maybe in the form of other safe houses etc. . .