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[Copy/Pasted from my post on Reddit]


(TL;DR included at the bottom)

Hey Reddit! As I'm sure many of you know, Bandi Namco Entertainment have just released Ace Combat 7 on console and PC. As somewhat of an aircraft enthusiast, the Ace Combat series has always appealed to me. I admit to only having played Shattered Skies, Assault Horizon, and Skies Unknown (soon), but my love of aircraft remains.

As you continue to read this post, please keep in mind that I'm just the guy with the idea. I encourage whatever mod-makers would like to jump on said idea to let me know (see Contact Info / Project Hub)!

The Idea

Seeing gameplay footage of Skies Unknown made me nostalgic so I decided to do some research on the older games. In Shattered Skies, there is a bonus aircraft you can unlock called the X-02 Wyvern. I didn't know this aircraft existed at the time as I was too young to care to unlock everything.

Put simply, I would love to see this aircraft implemented into Arma 3. Now, I myself have little to no experience in modeling, rigging, texturing, or modding in general. That is why I come to you. If you have experience in modding and are interested in this project, there is more useful information below, including some of my contact information.

The X-02

EASA X-02 (via Acepedia)

Specifications (via Acepedia):
Length: 21.84 m (71.65 ft)
Width (Wings Extended): 18.30 m (60.04 ft)
Width (Wings Retracted): 11.54 m (37.86 ft)
Height (Tail-fins Extended): 4.36 m (14.30 ft)
Height (Tail-fins Retracted): 3.42 m (11.22 ft)
Weight: 16,800 kg (16.8 metric tons)
Max Speed: Mach 2.5 (3,062 kmph or 1,903 mph)

Contact Info / Project Hub

If you are interested in contributing to this mod, please contact me using one of the following methods:

Project X-02 Discord: (
My personal Discord: (Etobio#1254)
My Steam profile: (

Even if you, much like myself, haven't the slightest idea how to create a mod, I still encourage you to join the Project X-02 Discord. I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions!


It's an aircraft mod request that I'm willing to help with however I can. If you're interested, read "The Idea" and "Contact Info / Project Hub".