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#42286 Posted at 2009-01-02 14:50        
@ Nightfox and DaSquade

I have the same issue - Im trying to continue editing a mission and some of the actors are no longer in the list - if I try to move or update a current actor (Serbian forces) it overwrites them with an ACE actor - not a big issue - if I deactivate the ACE mod I can reenter the Serbian actors later and they run fine once I reactivate the ACE mod.

btw, love the mod specifically so far - the steerable parachute, and the inury effects, bleeding out, ringing ears, and the last view b4 I cross over - very cool.

also the rain particles are brilliant, and the mist which settles in the trees after the rain passes.

quick question - I dint understand the Wiki re: enabling Snow - where do I do it - from within the game or elsewhere - I hope I dont need to unpack any PBOs for it.

thanx in advance