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#42923 Posted at 2009-01-08 17:46        
Montgomery : Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a solution for hosting clan/unit server. I was looking into renting a dedi server $150+ per month.. but im not really digging that.

My current connection is 10+meg with a 1.2 mps upload speed. (Roadrunner Turbo, if any are familiar) Vista with 4gig ram duo-core 3.0, etc. Pretty good machine basically. The missions I build with Ace Mod keeps the mission files very small so im thinking that would mean that 1.2 mps would be good enuff for a 12 person server? ALso, to add, I have an additional copy of arma (2 cd keys) already.. i was thinking 1 for myself the other for dedicated maybe?


(1)With similar machine and the purchase of another roadrunner turbo connection would this be good enuff for a 12 slot server, or even a 24? Im thinking i could spend a few hundred bucks and get a very strong machine and pay about 30 dollars more per month, hmmm...

(2) Pay for a dedicated 150+ monthly

(3) I have no idea.. if there are any other options, id appreciate the info.. Ill be sitting on the edge of my seat for the rest of the day watching this thread...

You could try running the dedi on the same connection you use already and experiment witht he settings. You do not need another CDkey to run a dedi in the 1st post explains the problem you MAY face with solution.

About your options option one is best due to cost unless you are paying more for that than paying the $150 a month for a private own server.

What is the system you plan to set it up on ?.. With small missions on a 1.2 upload should be enough as long as the settings are done right( may take some beta testing for your needs).

a P4 2.4 2GB ram should be good but as you know it will depend on connection and missions played. But i'd try it by sharing your corrent connection to give you a good idea if it be enough.

The settings i been mainly on about are these and are very importent to tweak to your needs. ( Read 1st post for details )
MaxMsgSend=4096; // 128 default
MaxSizeGuaranteed=128; // 512 default
MaxSizeNonguaranteed=128; // 256 default
MinBandwidth=8388608; // 131072 default
MinErrorToSend=0.001; // 0.01 default
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