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#45459 Posted at 2009-02-10 00:32        
[size=2]police suburban[/size]

Mod Info:
This is a 2002 suburban, the mods are nearly complete and have fully functional multiplayer compatible lights.

This mod is released open source and free to edit and better with the following stipulations
- if you intend on releasing it you must leave it unbinarized or encrypted and open to the public to edit.
- You must keep all the orginal credits for there work done.
- The textures, model, and anything that comes with the model must not be converted to any other game and/or engine
- the The model/addon is released free of charge
- must not be used in a mod other then citylife with out written consent.

the model was done by offroader23
Light-bar by gunner
Animated lights by dachevs
Scripts by armatec
supervisor tool boxes and k9 cage by greg
police logo done by greywolf
texture's and conversion done by myself
Special thanks to Deanos Beanos and loki for guidence, examples, and configs

- xfire: aaplaya314
- Email: Coldfuse18 @
- Website




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