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#48907 Posted at 2009-03-24 04:12        
hi all!

i got something fun and very useful cooking up for everyone to enjoy! its a template"bases over sahrani"(ill give more info on a later date and time) so to speak! its gonna be good, and im about 60% done! but now i have a big problem! i had set everything up with the original arma(no add-ons/mod folders)so this would'nt happen! lol, but i was messing around in the template i am working on but with a mod folder which happened to have(tr_obj) from the total conflict mod or ffn mod i think! now that i put i back to original arma(no other add-ons) and it say can't play mission needs deleted objects(tr_obj)! well... you know that damn message! but i don't think i used anything from the (tr_obj)maybe i did, but that's my problem i don't know what it is! or how to figure it out! i tried to delete some objects then re-try but it don't work nothing i deleted helps! does anyone know how of a way, if any to try to find out what it is(some kinda of way to get into the mission and delete anything related to "tr_obj")! any help is needed and appreciated! i just hope im not going to have to release this with requiring add-ons "tr_obj"s! please help! sorry if its confusing reading this!

EDIT: disreguard this post! see my post below!

"I need help" is not a descriptive topic title. I have changed it.[/modedit]

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