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#50867 Posted at 2009-04-14 22:17        
If you used "disableAI" to make them stay where they are and you want re-enable theyr moving abilities, most obvious command would be enableAI.

Second problem, selecting all your teammates and pressing 1-1 doesn't help? Then check if they are commanded to engage at will and all other behaviour commands.

And for the third, it would probably help if you would use the correct classname which is "SmokeShellGreen". And also a trigger doesn't return it's position so "getpos this" wont work. You have to place an object (a gamelogic should do it), give it a name and then use this object as position reference. You could also use the "heliHempty" which is also an invisible object.

And finally, bookmark this: ArmA scripting command reference