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#51227 Posted at 2009-04-19 18:07        
usmcoorah marinecorps : [quote]usmcoorah marinecorps :
i have actually found a website that has an aircraft carrier that semi works... its for ofp but i put the pbo into the arma addons and it kinda worked... maybe a few configs changed and itll work... as soon as i find the website ill put it on here...

( parts of the carrier worked... or at least on my machine... maybe some configs can be changed i dunno... see for yourself if your interested... this website has alot of cool ofp addons... i really want the Ch53 for arma.. i need another way to transport my marines besides a blackhawk (army, airforce, or navy) or a ch47 (army)...

That link dont work for me! and what kind of carrier is it, also i know of a couple people who are making carriers and other ships, in fact conor form the ANWM mod team are making a wasps class carrier, i have seen some pics of it and its coming a long nicely![/quote]

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