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#56338 Posted at 2009-06-23 10:53        
I want 2 scripts against "asshole-players"
Yesterday i played on a Marines_Evo Server and it was chaos pure.Someone shoot me out of the Chopper as i was getting altitude in the Base,the Chopper crashed and 7 Players died.In 70% of my Deaths a "Teammate" was the reason.

That is why i want to have 2 Scripts in my Missions,but im new to Editing and dont know much about Scripts yet.

1. Script
This Script shall transform Players into an Animal,perhaps a Pig or Sheep when they Teamkill more than 1 Player.Since the New Animals in ArmaII it should be possible or?? Perhaps with the Code that is used for Flying around as Bird in Spectator??

2. Script
The 2. Script i need is a script,that removes all Weapons from a Player,in case he fire his Weapon in Main Base.

I hope someone cam help me with this