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#56526 Posted at 2009-06-25 13:34        
Evil_Echo : Complaining that "this is too much work" doesn't wash. I see you are just 14, but if you want to work on something then commit to rolling up your sleeves instead of expecting everyone else to spoon-feed you. Learn to properly write scripts to create your troops, their load-outs, and if you feel like it - the micromanagement of their behavior. I created an entire airbase on Rahmadi earlier this week with well over 80 special objects ( custom actions, respawns, non-destructable towers, items not available via the ArmA mission editor, etc. ) and it was not that hard.

Concider your grenade and AI issue *closed*.

I've read a lot of tutorials about how to make missions and scripts for this game and also some few tutorials about how to make mods, and have also tried to make scripts and new units for some weeks but I'm not blessed with intress on scripts and texture making. It does not mean I don't know how to use them in the editor, but still I'm not that good. Even if you find making dozens of custom objects and units easy, I, unfortunately for me, I do not. And I'm not saying it's too much work to put the weapons on each units invidually, but to do that everytime I'm making a mission, when there could be an other way around it. For example, I removed all the AI enchanging files from the ACE/addons folder, and now the AI doesn't behave abnormally. So I consider my grenade issue closed too, but I still don't understand why I had problems with AI in ACE mod. It could be a conflict with a other mod I guess...

by the way, I did take your advice about the FSM thing and Mr. Murrays editing guide, I'm currently studying the editing guide and have studied it before you notified me about the existance of it, but the tutorial I found for FSM proved to be not so beginner friendly.

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