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#57517 Posted at 2009-07-04 04:48        
I feel dumb now. I just didnt look hard enough for it . It was installed in my Users folder and I was looking in my program files . Thanks for the help .

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I retract my last reply because it looks like the arma 2 folder under Users is just saved games. Still have not been able to locate actual Arma 2 program folder. Shortcut target uses Steam.exe to start game.

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OK , I finally figured it out and I wanted to post this to hopefully help anyone else who has same question. For the Steam version the Arma 2 folders are going to be found in the Steam folder. To get to it you will open Steam , then open SteamApps , and finally open folder labeled Common. Arma 2 folder should be there and open that up and you will find addons folder, missions folder etc....

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