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#61328 Posted at 2009-08-13 11:27        
That next project sounds interesting.

I've played Littlebird Day 1 quite a bit now. If you don't mind can I post up some fun stuff I've tried with the mission?
1) Take a sniper rifle from the crate at base. I then took the chopper and landed on the hill to the west of the runway destination and covered the airfield with a sniper rifle. When the priest appeared I sniped the guards and then finally the priest. The guards didn't fire back (apart from the guy with the AT weapon and he missed).
2) Took a T80 tank to the airfield. I blew up the Shilka and killed the guards. I parked the tank and killed the chopper pilots, then waited for the priest. When he appeared I ran alongside him to the chopper and when he got in I could sit in the seat next to him. I got out and shot him through the choppers window then flew the chopper back to base :)

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