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#61653 Posted at 2009-08-15 01:56        
Does anyone know what the class name is of the sound in sounds.pbo that causes the ringing when explosions happen on or near person? It is very painful when using headphones. I would like to use something like the reduced voices mod to filter it out. It would be great if it were a separate sound from the actual explosion, but I'm not sure about this yet.



Sorry for the wasted post, but I found it. Here it is for anyone else who may be interested.


class CfgRadio  {

class CfgWhistleSound  {
	sound[] = {"ca\sounds\characters\noises\damage\wheesper1",0.600000,1 };
	downTime = 0.200000;
	silentTime = 3;
	upTime = 4;

There is also a wheesper1a.wss file as well, but I don't see it referenced in config.bin.

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