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#65132 Posted at 2009-09-17 08:18        
horrgakx : Some good tips in those posts, thanks. I can't get into the BiStudios forums to post, I request a password reset but never get the email. I also emailed support but have never received an answer.

Anyway, I've restarted the campaign after I patched the game and from what I've seen there ARE improvements. But there are still a LOT of improvements that could be made :/

I think some of my issues come from not understanding how the command menu works. We don't see this until much later in the campaign (the second half)? I mean, I have never found one of my units with NVG. And if I did how would I get the NVG off him? (normally I would just shoot him and take his gear).

Sideline; Does anyone know where I can go to understand the command menu? I've never found commands such as "request money", "send money", "Request assistance" etc... to work.
And why are options like a chopper base etc. not available to you?

To make a unit to drop gear go to the map, go to units and select the soldier in question, you will then have a gear screen for that soldier, double click the nvg to make them drop or use the drop button.
About the command menu, those dont seem to do anything with the ai so far ive noticed. Maybe in a later patch they will.